This recipe is said to be sufficient for 6 portions.

An all-in-one family stew of shoulder or chuck steak with vegetables and spicy flavours.

Ingredients:  2lb stewing steak; seasoned flour; 2oz dripping; 2oz chopped celery; half-pound chopped onions;
allspice, salt and pepper; half pound sliced potatoes; 3 cloves; 1 dessertspoon tarragon vinegar; 1oz melted butter;
three-quarters pint brown stock.

Oven:  325F;  gas mark 3;  two and a half hours.

Cut the meat into 1 inch cubes and dust with seasoned flour.  Brown the meat in the dripping, remove from the pan and fry the celery and onions lightly.  Put a layer of onions and celery in a casserole dish, sprinkle with allspice, salt and pepper; cover with a layer of meat and a thin layer of potatoes.  Repeat these layers, adding seasoning and the cloves and vinegar.  Finish with a layer of potatoes and brush with melted butter.  Add enough stock to come just below the potatoes; cover with a lid.  Cook in the oven for one and a half hours.  Remove the lid and continue cooking to brown the potatoes for another hour.

Another recipe

From the "Sussex Recipe Book".

"Invented by Edward Shoosmith, made at "Strete", Chiddingly, in Sussex, in the year 1917, and "pronounced the best hot-pot that my guest (he was my lawyer) had ever tasted - at least so he said."

Take a large earthenware casserole, and place in the bottom some chopped or sliced onions (shallots in this case) and celery, with chopped olives and olive vinegar.  Then put in a layer of beef (in this case it was best under-cut of sirloin), of course uncooked.  Then sprinkle on the beef allspice (unground), cloves (unground), pepper (black), which by rights ought to be freshly ground in a pepper-mill, and a piece or two of unground mace and some olive vinegar.  A little tarragon vinegar may also have been used.  Cover with thinly sliced potatoes (of course raw) and more chopped olives.  (In each layer the olives should come next to the meat).  Then if there is room another layer of beef, on top of which place a layer of chopped olives and finish off with onions and celery.  Finish on top with more sliced potatoes.  Water to nearly cover.  Place casserole in an oven over-night after a fire has gone down.  Next morning heat it up in oven again, about half an hour before it is required.  Note:  the olive vinegar and olives supply the place of salt.

You can also try this link:  Chiddingly Hot Pot  ....  but I cannot find the complete recipe for Chiddingly Onion Pie which you serve to people who have outstayed their welcome.