Chiddingly Tithe Map

From here you can access Acrobat pdf files of the original map; because of large file sizes the map is split into 16 sections.

By clicking on any of these sections you'll get a good resolution pdf of that part of the map.

All these file sizes are roughly 600Kb.

Please note that East Sussex Records Office holds the copyright to the Chiddingly Tithe Map.

1  Graywood 2  Stalkers Lane 3  Stream Mill 4  Pick Hill
5  Highlands 6  Friths 7  Hale Green 8  Gun Hill
9  Whitesmith 10  Muddles Green 11  Nash Street 12  Perryland
13  Broomham 14  Deanland 15  Dicker 16  East Dicker

Now see the full map, with field names.

This file is about 1.5Mb so may take a little while to download; it's an Acrobat pdf file and has been saved not at full resolution, but the field numbers can (just) be made out.  It works best if you locate your chosen field etc by using the table above, where the field numbers are clear, then move to this composite map.  All the field names and details are there - just scroll to the far right of the image.