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Commonwealth War Graves

There are two Commonwealth War Graves in Chiddingly Churchyard,
and they are in what is termed the Chiddingly Churchyard Extension, which is the main graveyard to the south of Church.

There is this one, and the other one is for Private Kenneth Latter.

Gunner Harry William Smith, 899383,  58 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.  Died 14th October 1940.  Age 27. 
Son of Ernest John and Rhoda Hannah Smith of Golden Cross. 

From the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 18 October 1940:   Doncaster Coroner (Mr W H Carlile), returning a verdict
of "Accidental death" on a Royal Artillery gunner, Harry William Smith, who was killed when an Army lorry in which he was riding 
overturned at an "S" bend at Rossington, said the driver, John Young, was negligent in that he did not see red "danger" reflectors 
at the bend until it was too late to avoid the accident.

His grave is about two-thirds the way down the Churchyard extension, on the left, with a 4-foot (1.2m) granite headstone.

On it are the words:

In happy memory of
Our dear son
Harry William Smith
Gunner, Royal Artillery,
Killed while on active service
at Doncaster, Oct 14th 1940
Aged 27 years
Also his father
Pte Ernest John Smith
Killed in the Great War
Nov 16th 1916
Memories sweet always remain
of ones loved so dear
Also of our devoted son
Charles John
Died April 6th 1955
Sleep on, dear one, until we meet again.