EAST SUSSEX  in the diocese of CHICHESTER

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The NADFAS Record of Church Furnishings 2003 by the Uckfield DFAS Church Recorders Group was commenced in 1997 and presented to the Reverend Peter Clark, Rector of the United Benefice of Chiddingly and East Hoathly, on 30th November 2003.

The following pages are a very much edited and selective version of the full NADFAS record of Chiddingly Church. To see the full version contact Chiddingly Churchwarden Peter Clerehugh.  NADFAS is the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies.

NADFAS owns the copyright of the NADFAS Chiddingly record.

The dedication of the church is unknown. The building is of local sandstone and dates from about 1260, pieces of Norman masonry being discovered in the foundations in 1864. The 3-bay nave arcades were added in about 1360. The single pitched roof is also 14th century, and is now covered in hand-made clay tiles. There are several 15th century windows, while the aisles have 13th century lancets. There are only two stained glass windows, both 19th century, the east window being dedicated to the Reverend James Vidal, the other (attributed to Powell) commemorates John Day of Uckfield. The total height of the tower and stone spire is 130 feet and are presumed to have been added in the early 15th century.

The 18th century box pews and pulpit still remain intact, while the oak eagle lectern is a piece of vigorous 20th century carving. There are fine monuments, the largest and most distinguished being the alabaster Jefferay monument, 1612, and the tablet of alabaster of William Jefferay, d. 1611 and his wife. There are also slate ledger slabs set in the floor. The font was brought from a derelict church at South Heighton and given a new pedestal. It was relocated in 1894.

The chancel was modernised in 1864, where the only trace of medieval work remaining is the trefoil-headed piscine in the South wall. Some floor slabs in the chancel were covered over at this time.

The old church registers and records are now deposited in the East Sussex County Record Office (ESRO) in Lewes and other records in West Sussex County Record Office in Chichester. This record has been sponsored by The Uckfield Decorative and Fine Arts Society.

East Sussex Record Office, The Maltings, Castle Precincts,  Lewes  BN7 1YT
Tel: 01273 482349       Fax: 01273 482341     

The County Archivist, West Sussex Record Office, County Hall, Chichester, West Sussex   PO19 1RN
Tel : 01243 753600            Fax : 01243 533959

The following have taken part in the compilation of the original Record:
Memorials    Ron Giddens and Jill Ford
Metalwork   Donald Coomber and Muriel Ballan
Stonework   Rhyva Holder, Peter Holder and Nancy Whitworth
Woodwork  David Bennett, Ron Giddens and Monica Giddens
Textiles        Rhyva Holder, Peter Holder and Nancy Whitworth
Paintings, etc.  Clare Robinson and Jim Thome
Library        Jill Ford
Windows    Clare Robinson and Jim Thome
Miscellaneous Members of the team
Group Leader   Ron Giddens and Jill Ford
Typist         Muriel Ballan

Terminology is mostly as used from Inside Churches - A Guide to Church Furnishings published by NADFAS 1993 and Recording a Church: Illustrated Glossary by Thomas Cocke, Donald Findlay, Richard Halsey and Elizabeth Williamson, published by the Council of British Archaeology, 1996.