Chiddingly Church 

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The Piscina

This is at the far end of the southern side of the Chancel, built into the wall.

The NADFAS Guide says:Trefoil headed piscina with integral moulded shelf, shallow depression with drainage hole.

Wikipedia says "A piscina is a shallow basin placed near the altar of a church, or else in the vestry or sacristy,
used for washing the communion vessels.  The sacrarium is the drain itself. Anglicans usually refer to the basin,
calling it a piscina. Roman Catholics usually refer to the drain, and by extension, the basin, as the sacrarium.
They are often made of stone and fitted with a drain, and are in some cases used to dispose of materials used
in the sacraments and water from liturgical ablutions. They are found in Roman Catholic, Anglican
and Lutheran churches, and a similar vessel is used in Eastern Orthodox churches."