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Church records at The Keep

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The following list was given to me privately:  there are no doubt many more records about Chiddingly Church and
Chiddingly parish if you either visit their website or arrange to visit The Keep itself.

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Title: PARISH OF CHIDDINGLY    Date: 1621-2013

Repository: East Sussex Record Office    ESRO reference: PAR 292

Level: Fonds      Creator(s)  PARISH OF CHIDDINGLY

System of Arrangement: Summary of contents:


PAR292/1/1 Pre-1812 registers; 1621-1812
PAR292/1/2 Baptism registers; 1813-1989
PAR292/1/3 Marriage registers; 1813-1989
PAR292/1/5 Burial registers; 1813-1992
PAR292/4 Buildings; 1847-1874
PAR292/6 Income of the benefice; 1919-1921
PAR292/7 Other records; 1674-2013

PAR292/9 Accounts; 1662-1777
PAR292/10 Property; 1833-2003

PAR292/12 Minutes; 1831-1862
PAR292/16 Other records; 1993

PAR292/21 Tithe records; 1839-1936
PAR292/26 OTHER RECORDS; 1743-1832

PAR292/28 Accounts; 1837-1838
PAR292/29 Other records; 1838


PAR292/30 Rating; 1837-1838

PAR292/31 Accounts; 1659-1777

PAR292/32/2 Removal orders from parish; 1696-1837
PAR292/32/3 Removal orders to parish; 1692-1838
PAR292/32/4 Settlement examinations; 1785
PAR292/33 Apprenticeship; 1720-1827
PAR292/34/4 Bastardy maintenance orders; 1825
PAR292/35 Other settlement records; 1838
PAR292/37 Other records; [c1660]-1839
PAR292/38 Post-1834 records; 1837-1840

PAR292/40 Accounts; 1836-1840

PAR292/43 Jefferay Monument Committee; 1944-2000