The Millennium Yew Tree

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     Yews for the Millennium

       This Yew Tree was presented by the
       Conservation Foundation to celebrate
       the third Christian Millennium.

       It originated as a cutting from a Yew tree
       in Buxted churchyard.

David Bellamy launched The Conservation Foundationís Yew Tree Campaign to encourage the protection of Britainís ancient yews, trees which are over 1,000 years old, in 1987.

Since then the Campaign has raised awareness of the antiquity and the role the yew tree has played in British history. It has also prevented the needless destruction, caused in part by ignorance, of some ancient trees.

The campaign also invited members of the public to record the measurements of their local yew trees, many of which are to be found in churchyards.



As records have been kept on certain ancient yew trees since the 17th Century it has been possible to correlate present day measurements of the same tree with those taken over 300 years ago.


Over 414 ancient yew trees have been recorded since the start of the Campaign over half  have of which have received a certificate recording their estimated age.

Yews for the Millennium was created by the Foundation to enable parishes throughout the country to celebrate the Millennium by planting young yew trees propagated from ancient yews estimated to be at least 2,000 years old. During the Autumn of 1999 over 7000 Millennium yews were distributed along with over 300 'special edition' trees at 47 distribution events around the country.