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Pictures taken December 10th 2005 and during Spring 2006 at
Stream Mill, Chiddingly,
OS map ref   TQ 555155  For a location map use
and enter post code BN8 6HG.  The bridge is where the central river crosses 
the dotted bridle path.  Please note the only access is by the bridle path and 
public footpaths, and that the bridge and land surrounding it are all private property.


Stream upstream east1.jpg (137554 bytes)              Stream upstream east2.jpg (134734 bytes)            Stream upstream west3.jpg (144463 bytes)   

Upstream east side 1                 Upstream east side 2              Upstream east side 3    

Stream upstream west4.jpg (145617 bytes)              Stream upstream west1.jpg (104360 bytes)            Stream upstream west2.jpg (124581 bytes)

Upstream east side 4                 Upstream west side 1             Upstream west side 2

Stream upstream west5.jpg (137146 bytes)              Stream downstream west1.jpg (142103 bytes)            Stream downstream west2.jpg (136071 bytes)

Upstream west side 3                Downstream 1                        Downstream 2

Stream downstream.jpg (143798 bytes)              Stream downstream2.jpg (137667 bytes)            canonball.jpg (344827 bytes)

Downstream 3                          Downstream 4                        Canon ball found on site

date.jpg (49085 bytes)                      Smith5.jpg (49740 bytes)            smith6.jpg (34527 bytes)

Date:  1752                              Downstream - ivy cover          Bridge - west underside

smith9.jpg (32772 bytes)                      smith10.jpg (48501 bytes)            smith15.jpg (49725 bytes)

Upstream - west bank              Upstream - west bank             Upstream - west


smith11.jpg (22635 bytes)                       smith13.jpg (48268 bytes)           smith14.jpg (32538 bytes)

Upstream - west                       Upstream - west                     Upstream - west