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Around 1995 Chiddingly Parish Council obtained grants from ESCC and the then Sussex Rural Community Council, and the SRCC recommended Gill Lipson, a local artist and reminiscence expert, to undertake a series of recording sessions with anyone who wished to share their memories and twenty hours of tape were recorded. Alison Neil, a writer and historical researcher, was then commissioned to turn the taped reminiscences into a coherent document in chronological order of memories. There was talk of making a book out of everything but costs proved prohibitive.

Here is the written transcription. It still needs work done to improve the presentation, and some pictures need scanning and adding to the text. Please understand this is even still in an unfinished state, but it already makes fascinating reading.

We have removed libellous statements; we are well aware many of the contributors are still alive, as also are some of the people spoken of. We think there's nothing published which could cause any offence or embarrassment but if anyone has objections please tell us and they can be removed.

The following people of Chiddingly took part in the recorded interviews:

Nora Apps     Ron Apps     Frank Axell     Peter Baker     Ken Boulter

Mrs Boulter     Vi Braden     Peter Braden     Julie Biggs     Lottie Briggs

Norman Briggs     Lynne Calvert     Olive Coleman     Tony Coleman     Louise Cottingham

John Cottingham     Jim Dadswell     John Dadswell     Midge Dingwall     Alec Dingwall

Mrs Hobden     Frank Hobden     Kath Kennard     George Kennard     Edward Loosemore

Josť Loosemore     Annie Rose     Charlie White     Elsie White     Wilf White

Eileen (Frank Hobdenís daughter).

If you wish to make any comment on these pages of Oral History, or would like to contact us about anything related, then please Email  Robin Symington.